ELPRESS is one of the major cable equipment manufacturers. Its clients are all the big electric power suppliers in Europe. The manufacture is controlled by the ISO 9001 quality system, supervised by British Standards Institution (BSI) which is also the signer and assessor of Certificate No. FM20987. Elpress’ extensive manufacturing programme offers products for nearly all kinds of conductors, and can be dividend into these categories:
  • insulated cable shoes (halogen-free)
  • terminals (also for conductors with thicker insulation)
  • Cu cable shoes and “C” sleeves
  • Al and Al/Cu cable shoes
  • Compression tools (hand, hydraulic, battery-powered)
  • Insulation cutting and removal tools
  • Earthing systems.
Forty years of experience have enabled us to develop well-tested systems for all kinds of installations. A large amount of collected data allows us to offer our clients custom-made products. Our products have been used in almost all fields of electric industry, such as:
  • Power plants
  • Oil and natural gas wells
  • Transformer manufacture
  • Railways
  • Telecommunications
  • Inverter and controlling device manufacture
  • Major buildings

Elpress quality

A professional meeting is one that the client expects. Client relations are very important for us at Elpress. Our activities are conducted with a QA system in accordance with ISO9001 / BS 5760: 1, certified by British Standards Institution (BSI) in 1992. At Elpress we continuously test our products and tools in accordance with national and international standards, and are licensed by the most eminent organisations.